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acl tear

What to do?

ACL Injury

≈ First Aid 


~ Apply Ice to the Knee      `` 10minutes every hour

~ Rest the Knee                 ``  Minimum walking only for essential activities

~ See a Doctor                   ``  If pain persists & swelling appears in 12 hrs

~ Might need Xray/ MRI     `` To complete assessment

≈ What Next? 


Knee Ligament injuries can occur following sporting activities or Road Accidents. A torn ACL will not heal without surgery. Not treating a torn ACL can lead to further tissue damage and premature knee arthritis.  All injuries do not require surgery.


Seniors and people with less demanding daily activities can be treated by exercises. ACL reconstruction surgery may be recommended for these knee problems in young people:


  • A knee that gives way or feels wobbly during daily activities
  • Knee pain, swelling, locking
  • Unable to continue playing sports or other activities
  • When other ligaments or meniscus are also injured

≈ Do I Need Surgery? 


Only 50% of patients with knee ligament injury need surgical treatment. To find out where you belong, see a knee surgeon.