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acl tear

What to do?

Sustained  A Knee Ligament Injury?


No Problem!

Relax. It’s not the end of the world!

You might not need surgery after all!


Yes. All ligament tears of the knee, do not require surgery. If you think you have torn a knee ligament, consult a knee surgeon.


After a detailed history about your injury and physical examination of your knee, he will recommend an X-ray or an MRI, to accurately diagnose and confirm the tear and exclude any associated collateral damage.


A detailed discussion about treatment options is given based on your complaints, requirements, MRI findings and expectations.


Knee Reconditioning

After an initial period of Rest, Ice, and swelling reducing measures patients undergo a systematic program of exercises for regaining muscle strength and knee function without the need for surgery


Stem Cell Therapy

The Regenexx patented stem cell procedure for ACL tears was developed to treat full and partial anterior cruciate ligament tears non-surgically. ACL tears are one of the more common knee injuries we operate and many non-retracted complete, or partial tears heal by this method. Stem Cell and Platelet treatments (PRP) benefits incomplete tears



Arthroscopy and ACL reconstruction is performed only for the wobbly knees which cannot be handled by the above measures. A variety of options are available using Endobuttons and Bio-absorbable screws to secure the transplanted ligament



MRI alone does not dictate treatment.