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acl tear

What to do?

Non Surgical Options

All ACL injured patients need not undergo Reconstruction Surgery


Majority of patients with knee ligament injury may not realise they have damaged their ligament. Yet they go on with a near normal life. Some of them may get premature arthritis at 50. With appropriate rehabilitation, this can be further delayed.


Quite often patients are scared of using the injured knee leading to further instability. They must actively rehab the knee and use it normally to prevent muscle atrophy.


In young children or adolescents with ACL tears, early ACL reconstruction creates a possible risk of growth plate injury, leading to bone growth problems. The surgeon can delay or avoid ACL surgery with good rehabilitation


Active adult patients involved in sports or jobs that require pivoting, turning or hard-cutting, as well as heavy manual workers, are encouraged to consider surgical treatment. Slipping or recurrent giving way of the knee after adequate rehab exercises is an indication for surgery.